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Melodic Drill Course

Together we produce a Modern sounding Melodic Drill banger. Learn techniques of making catchy melodies & bouncy drums.

Mastering Course

The most advanced Online Course you will find on internet - get to know EVERY secret behind hard-hitting tracks that you love.

Mixing Course

In this course you will learn how to ACTUALLY Mix your tracks for industry level sound quality. Over 4 hours of easy to consume knowledge.

Future Bass & Remixes Course

Hard Hitting Future Bass Bangers have formula behind them - and you're getting to know it all. Listen to the final result yourself!

Hard Trap Course

Improve your productions and understand the process behind making banger Trap beats every time you sit down in the studio.

FL Beginners Course

Learn FL Studio from ground up - navigation, interface, production, arrangement, basics of mixing & many more in over 5+ hours of lessons.

Chords & Progressions

Full Harmony Course uncovering all details and theory you need to know to make amazing sounding chord progressions. Total Musician Essential!

Full Bundle - Everything

Get everything in our store - all 7 courses, sample & preset packs, MIDI, E-books, Access to Exclusive Community and more!

Full FLTips Arrangements and Music Storytelling Course
Arrangements & Music Storytelling

Turn 8 Bar Loops into Full Tracks in Matter of Minutes. Get to Know the Secrets behind Powerful Arrangements and how Music Storytelling can make or break your song.